The Indonesian Black Batik Fabric With Varied Motifs

Black batik fabric can be a choice of batik fans because the design is very diverse and unique. Black batik cloth can be used for specific events both formal and informal. One area with a beautiful black batik production is Madura, Indonesia. Black batik fabric combined with beautiful motifs will create a motive that is […]

Island Batik Fabric Has The Unique Design That Very Convenient To Use

Island Batik Fabric Has The Unique Design That Very Convenient To Use

Island Batik fabric is kind of batik that can be used for the nonformal event. you may use this batik for everyday wear. the important thing when you use the batiks is its convenience. You may pay more attention when you want the batiks as your wear. Island batik fabric is available for some color […]

The Most Popular Indonesian Batik Fabric For Sale

Batik fabric for sale is available for you to buy and wear the batik. All the motif of batik maybe can choose to create the best clothes or the other requirements.

Batik fabric for sale is one of the places that can give you a lot of batik motif. One of the countries that produce batik with high quality and design. Batik has been established by UNESCO as the cultural heritage of humanity in 2009. Indonesian batik has some meaning in the plan. Every motive is […]

Batik Ambologo: A Recommended Indonesian Cotton Batik Fabric Producer

Batik Nudo: A Recommended Indonesian Silk Batik Fabric Producer

If you are looking for a place where you can purchase batik fabric online, Batik ambologo is one of the recommended shop. The production of this business is based in pekalongan City, Central Java, while the marketing office is located in pekalongan. They offer both modern and traditional design of batik with options of some […]

Types of Indonesian Batik Fabric

Types of Javanese Batik Fabric

Batik, a traditional fabric made in Indonesia, has become one among the most popular fabric in the world. There are a lot of batik style available in Indonesia. Each area of Indonesia has their own unique batik style. This article will focus onĀ  Indonesian batik fabric style. Here are some styles of Javanese batik fabric […]

List of Recommended Indonesian Batik Fabric Online

List of Recommended Indonesian Batik Fabric Online

These days, many people try to embrace traditional culture by combining it with modern lifestyle, including fashion. Batik, a traditional fabric that is considered as one of Indonesian cultural heritage, becomes an emerging fashion item due to the current trend. In this article, we will give some suggestions about Indonesian Batik fabric online shop that […]