Self balancing scooter or a self balancing unicycle?

Self balancing scooter or a self balancing unicycle?

People are always trying to find new ways of transportation. The 20th century is marked by automobile revolution and motorcycles, all of which use gas or petrol as an energy source, but now, people are trying to create more eco friendly vehicles. So today we have a rising industry in electric cars, but what about some leisure personal use vehicle for local use.

Well, here steps in a self balancing scooter or a self balancing unicycle.

This vehicle is eco friendly, reliable, easy to use and doesn’t cost almost anything. In order to use it, all you have to do is occasionally recharge the battery and you’re ready to go. The speed at which these vehicles can run is not much, it can go up to 18 kilometers per hour, but if you’re going to stroll around the neighborhood, you won’t need more. Weight limit is somewhere from 120 kg to 150 kg including the person riding it, so they make great vehicles for transporting your groceries or small items.

Self balancing scooters come in two types, two wheeled or a unicycle. So the only question remaining is, which one you should get.

Here we will do a little pro and con for each of them so you can decide that for yourself. First we will go over advantages and disadvantages of a two wheeled self balancing scooter.

Environment friendliness. Self balancing scooters are emission free, which means they don’t pollute the air and have no health side effects on the user. They are highly portable. Being made out of carbon material, they are very light, which means you can carry them with you without having to worry about parking tickets. Being able to run at 18 kilometers per hour and ride hills up to an angle of 18 degrees makes them an actual solution for convenient daily transport.They are very safe and can be used in just about every environment.


Recharging the battery can take some time. They are a bit pricey. And they require a user to learn how to use them. Now for the unicycles.


Unicycles are fun. Opposed to endless traffic jams, road rage incidents and who knows what’s going on in the bus. Unicycles are swift and glide seamlessly through traffic. They require no parking space.
Highly portable and can be taken with you wherever you go. They are environmental friendly. Being electricity dependant, there are no harmful released into the environment.

First of all, self balancing unicycles are more costly than two wheeled scooters. Learning difficulty can be a problem. For an average user it takes around 30 minutes, but for less than average even more. This is a lot of time compared to learning anything else this technologically advanced.  Unicycles can be very uncomfortable and can cause muscle aches due to limited flexibility.

Another big issue is road safety. To use a unicycle you don’t need a drivers licence and most people without one don’t know much about road regulations which can cause harm to the user as well as other participants.

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What is a Segway and Why Should You Get One?

The easiest way to describe a Segway is that it is a two-wheeler, self balancing vehicle that is powered by a rechargeable battery. You ride it by standing on it (or you can attach a seat) and operating the panel on the dashboard. While a Segway is definitely not the vehicle to travel 50 miles on, it is a great tool for moving through short distances. Today, more and more people are choosing the Segway in America. In fact, in some cities both in America and in Europe, city authorities are encouraging residents to use Segways whenever possible.

So why should you consider getting yourself a Segway?

If you commute distances of less than 10 miles a day, you should get yourself a Segway. It is a convenient way to get around without relying on fossil fuels. In fact, t makes a lot of sense to travel this way because it is cheap – you can get one for about $500 – and you will not spend any money on fuel. Some people argue that charging the battery still involves the use of fossil fuel since to generate electricity you have to use oil. This is true but you cannot compare the amount of fuel used to charge a battery to that used to operate a car.

Segways are fun. In fact, people who ride tem compare the experience to sports like skiing or rollerblading. The difference with Segways is that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars at a ski resort and they are much safer than rollerblading.

The Segway is a great way to be social. Unlike a motorcycle or a scooter where if handlebars touch there is likely to be a crash, a Segway has no such issues. Bumping into another person is as subtle as a slight shove when you are walking. This means that you can move around in groups and chat.

Many cities are encouraging Segway because not only are they more environmentally friendly, they reduce congestion on the roads. If you are stuck in traffic every day this is something that you will appreciate – with Segway there is no traffic.

A Segway has a really cool dashboard that allows you o perform many different functions.

A Segway is a great way for the physically handicapped to get around. It is also a good idea for the elderly who are not able to walk long distances.

As you can see, whether you’re young or old, a Segway is something that you should consider buying for yourself.

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