July 21, 2019

Wooden Chart for Your Business

produsen gerobak angkring . com – What happens when the angkringan cart that you buy does not match your wishes? For example, it’s broken. Disappointed, angry, resentful. But rice has become porridge. Everything is already done. Like it or not you want to have to use the broken cart.

The experience of being cheated is the most avoided. Especially when you buy an angkringan cart that is used for business. Avoid being fooled into buying an angkring cart. We write this article intentionally to help you avoid deception.

We must be honest that now many are hesitant to buy angkringan carts online. The reason is very classic, namely avoiding fraud. One day someone contacted us through a private message. He told me of a bitter experience when ordering an angkringan cart in XX.

The story, XX is positioning itself as a producer of angkringan carts. He asked this victim a deposit of Rp. 1,000,000. Long story short, when the DP was sent he did not give any news to the victim. Finally the victim concluded that he had entered a fraudulent trap. He also considered that currently traumatized by being deceived by buying carts online.

We try to help find out who this person is. And after we asked fellow producers it turned out that XX was not a producer but a reseller. Even many cart manufacturers themselves are deceived by this XX.

The second experience, the story of consumers buying carts for angkringan business. He has sent the DP. But this time he ordered the original manufacturer. But unexpectedly the quality of the cart that was sent was very poor. The quality of wood and plaster is also bad. He told us with great disappointment and intended to order a quality cart.

Actually, not only victims who feel disappointed and angry. Manufacturers of angkringan carts feel emotional. Because the business is polluted by the actions of a handful of people who from the beginning intend to cheat consumers. But this is business. There is always a risk that must be faced. Reviving consumer trust is the main task.

Buying angkringan carts through online does need to be careful. But do not conclude that all of the online angkringan carts are fraudulent. Especially your position in Jakarta or Bandung while the producers are in Klaten and Jogja. The only effective medium for selling products is through online.

Tips to Avoid Scams from Angkringan Carts

We must be honest that we have experienced complaints from consumers. At that time the leg of the handcart was broken when it was lowered from a delivery truck. We tried to remember whether it had been broken while still in the showroom. We have the last photo before sending. And it turns out the item is in a safe, fit, without defect.

We explained that the possibility of a broken leg occurred during the shipping process. We try to coordinate with the shipping party. Finally, it is true that the damage occurred when sending. Thank God, our consumers understand this condition. But we must remain responsible. Because this involves three parties we resolve through these three parties. We gave some money to repair the wagon’s feet.

There are several tips to avoid fraud. For example:

          [1] Get to know the profile

Recognizing a manufacturer’s profile is mandatory. What if we recognize producers only through market places like OLX, Bukalapak? Indeed, the weakness of the market place is that it cannot recognize the seller. But you can ask if he has a website? Why website? Because this website is an official platform. To manage it alone must be serious and issue capital.

          [2] Discussion

Just recognizing your profile is not enough. After recognizing the manufacturer you need to discuss with the producer. Ask how the item details, wood quality, shipping, payment. This discussion is important. You must have understood how to talk about a cheater. In general they don’t want to talk directly because they are nervous. They could also be smart to talk but did not master the details of the angkringan cart. Herein lies the problem that you must explore.

For craftsmen angkringan cart certainly not a problem when asked. He will actually feel very happy because the consumer responds. And don’t forget when you consult design desires, that means the job is clear. Just try working on it. Do not let you give a command either design or paint at the end of the job because when the cart is ready it cannot be changed.

          [3] Payment

When you discuss, you will definitely ask about payment. Now here is the most important thing. Usually fraudsters ensnare consumers by giving a total payment at the beginning. Or pay a high DP (remember the story of the above fraud). After that block your cellphone number.

Choose a manufacturer that does provide a friendly payment system. It’s okay to pay DP but it’s not too high. For example, DP 400-500. The rest is for repayment when goods are delivered. With that, you will not be worried when buying an angkringan cart. read more